Notes on Yngol Barrow

What a peculiar place the barrow turned out to be. I hadn’t explored for very long before reaching this elaborate room and gate locking me from going further into the crypt.

I confess it – I’m relieved! This place puts the fear of Oblivion into me. There are some carvings in this room. I’ll attempt to transcribe them for the College so I have something to show for this effort.

All was so in Atmora
land of truth and our home

man in his throne,
so should he be
Whale in the sea
so should he be
Eagle in Sun’s Sky
so should he be
Snake in the weed
so should he be

Sorrow! For the Sea-Ghosts took Yngol
Prize Brother of Sail from Atmora’s Fleet

And none on land
nor sky, nor sea
would ever again
be as should be

Fascinating, these ancient Nords. I wonder what other secrets are hidden here? Surely there can’t be any harm in trying to go a little further, and there is a lever here which must open the gate beyond.